Rosemary essential oil properties

Rosemary is not only a characteristic spice that we use for many dishes. It is also often used in unconventional medicine and cosmetics, because:

- has a strong antibacterial effect
- reduces blood sugar level
- regulates the functioning of the digestive system

Rosemary essential oil ideal for diabetics

Rosemary oil has a very beneficial effect on the digestive system. A hot bath with a few drops of essential oil helps fight stomach pain, protects and regenerates the pancreas and stimulates the liver. Rosemary oil reduces the risk of stomach ulcers and facilitates digestion. It also affects the level of sugar in the blood, which is why it is recommended for people suffering from diabetes.

Rosemary inhalations for stimulating brain activity

Inhalations with a few drops of rosemary oil stimulate the central nervous system. Regular treatments brighten the mind, facilitate the process of thinking and focus, and improve memory. Essential oil in the form of inhalation is also used as an aid in respiratory infections.

A bath for the feet and maybe a painkiller compress?

Rosemary oil can also be used as a natural painkiller. Its soothing properties act primarily on abdominal pain - in such a situation it is best to compress the oil diluted with warm water into a painful place for several minutes. The oil diluted in water is also a relief for swollen and sore feet.


Rosemary oil should not be applied directly to the skin without dilution. It should also be avoided by people suffering from hypertension and those suffering from epilepsy.

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