About Senti

Essential oils are the power, the essence of the plant closed in a tiny bottle. This is an extraordinary way in which we can use nature. Do you know that in one drop of peppermint oil equals a dozen cups from this plant? Isn't that fascinating?

Natural essential oils allow us to enjoy the benefits of nature in our homes, at work, even in the car. They can make us feel better, create the mood you dream about, but also in serious situations - they help us recover.

That is why the Senti brand was created. With admiration for nature - and its availability for everyone. We want to provide you with the power of nature straight to your home. Do not be fooled by the affordable price of oils :) Quality is our priority. The oils are 100% clean, each batch is tested. We've never had a dissatisfied customer! Try our products and let the positive influence of beautiful fragrances permanently enter your home.

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