PINE Essential Oil properties

Pine essential oil is one of the strongest medicinal oils. In particular, its operation is known:

- antiseptics and deodorants
- analgesics, soothing and warming - anti-infective and bactericidal
- toning and stimulating

Natural air disinfection

Pine oil has a very fresh, pleasant smell. A few drops in an air humidist or an aromatherapy fireplace refreshes the mind, stimulates action, and simultaneously de-stress. However, it should not be used in this form by people suffering from asthma or pertussis.

Bath with pine oil for infection and cold

Sore throat, stuffy sinuses, persistent cough or a runny nose? A bath with a few drops of pine oil will quickly put you on your feet. Such a bath not only helps to fight the infection, but also helps if you catch cystitis. Pine oil bath will help men with prostate problems.

Inhalations with pine oil

When used in the form of inhalation, pine oil works very well on irritated mucous membranes, while making it easier to breathe. The simplest way to prepare inhalation is to add a few drops of essential oil to a bowl of hot water. It is best to inhale the fumes with your head covered with a towel. The ideal treatment time is 15-30 minutes.


Pine essential oil should not be used without dilution directly on the skin. It may cause burns and irritation.

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