Orange Essential Oil properties

Orange oil is a component of many skin care cosmetics. Essential oil, in addition to cosmetics, has the following properties:

- cleansing and anti-cellulite
- repellent insects
- antispasmodic and sedative
- stimulating - acts as a natural aphrodisiac

Aroma of oranges for a good mood

Aromatization of the air with an orange essential oil calms and soothes excessive nervousness. Fresh citrus scent improves mood, eliminates anxiety, also helps fight insomnia. It's best to add a few drops of essential oil to the air humidifier or fireplace.

Orange oil as a weapon against cellulite

If you are struggling with the lack of skin firmness or cellulite, a good way may be regular baths with the addition of orange oil. Just add a few drops to the hot water tub to thoroughly clean and disinfect the skin. The oil has firming and astringent properties, you will notice the effect after a few such treatments. Diluted oil can also be used for massage, including the face - after about two weeks you will notice that the skin is lighter and smoother.

Orange oil for insects

Like other citrus oils, orange oil effectively repels mosquitoes and insects. It's best to add it to the humidifier. To get full protection, you can dissolve a drop of orange oil in the base oil and rub the skin with it.


Orange oil should not be applied directly to the skin without dilution. It should not be applied before skin exposure to sunlight.

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