MANDARIN Essential Oil Properties

Mandarin oil is known primarily for its energetic, fresh smell. Has a strong sedative effect - very effectively reduces nervous tension and stress. Additionally:

- improves the appearance of the skin 
- has tonic and antiseptic properties
- helps in insomnia and soothes the nervous system - helps fight migraine and anxiety

A natural remedy for stretch marks

Mandarin oil is a very good way to firm the skin and get rid of stretch marks, for example after childbirth. To make your own natural balsam, take one spoon of base oil, for example almond, add 1-3 drops of mandarin oil and perform a gentle massage around problematic places. The mandarin essential oil used in this form is also safe for pregnant women.

Mandarin oil in aromatherapy and disinfection

Lack of energy, apathy, loss of vitality? Add a few drops of essential oil to the fireplace, humidifier or even a vacuum cleaner, and you will feel the difference immediately. The light citrus scent will make you feel relaxed and more energetic.

Regenerating bath in mandarin oil

Mandarin essential oil has strong moisturizing and regenerating properties. It works great as an addition to the evening bath. Even 10 drops diluted in a bathtub of warm water will help clean your skin and prepare it for the night rest. After such a bath, not only the skin will be clean, moisturized and smooth - the oil has a beneficial effect on relaxing the whole body


The oil should not be applied directly to the skin without prior dilution, as it may cause irritation and burns in sensitive people. In addition, mandarin oil should not be used just before exposure to the sun.

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