Lemon essential oil properties

Lemon essential oil - not just a fresh citrus fragrance

This is one of the most popular essential oils. It is widely used due to its operation:

- anti-depressants
- stimulating
- toning and astringent
- anti-rheumatic and analgesic Aromatherapy, which stimulates the mind

The lemon essential oil works perfectly in the fragrance fireplace. Its fresh scent stimulates and strengthens concentration during mental effort. It increases brain activity in children. The oil used in the form of bath cleanses the skin, disinfects and brightens discolorations. In addition, it leaves a pleasant citrus scent on the skin.

Beautiful and smooth skin thanks to lemon oil

Lemon oil added to the base oil used in the form of massage (or added to a natural cream or tonic) pulls the skin and tightens it, making it very useful in the fight against cellulite. The oil refreshes and improves blood circulation - the skin becomes soft and smooth, and additionally lightly brightened. Due to the antiseptic properties, lemon oil is recommended for people with oily or acne skin. A few drops added to a natural cosmetic or home mask help regulate the production of serum and eliminate discoloration / brighten freckles.


The lemon essential oil can be applied directly to the skin in the case of insect bites and herpes. Caution should, however, keep people with very sensitive skin - their oils can cause burns and irritation. Do not use lemon oil on the skin immediately before going to the sun.

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