LAVENDER Essential Oil Properties

It is one of the milder natural essential oils. As one of the few, it can be used directly on problematic skin. In addition to the soothing and anti-inflammatory action, lavender essential oil in addition:

- helps in the fight against dandruff and oily scalp
- relaxes and calms down
- has antiseptic and analgesic effect
- helps some children's problems like hyperactivity or colic - deters insects

Head massage with lavender oil - the best for dandruff

The oil works best on the hair and the scalp when rubbed gently - in addition to the base oil or as the base oil. The most effective treatment is used about an hour before washing the hair. Lavender oil regulates the work of sebaceous glands and soothes the skin, thanks to which the hair is less greasy, and you will get rid of dandruff faster.

Lavender oil in the form of aromatherapy

In aromatherapy, this oil is known mainly as a relaxing and calming agent. It helps relieve stress and even eliminate anxiety and depression. You can heat the oil in a special fireplace - the mild scent in the house improves the quality of sleep, and also lowers heart rate and blood pressure.

Lavender oil created for women

Lavender oil used in various forms is a natural solution for many women's problems. Used in the form of warm compresses or as an oil to massage the lower abdomen effectively relieves menstrual cramps. Essential oil massaged into the lower back may help during labor - it reduces pain and at the same time deepens spasms, which speeds up the labor.

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