Cinnamon Essential Oil Properties

Cinnamon essential oil - a natural aphrodisiac that also reduces the risk of cancer

Cinnamon oil is one of the lesser-known essential oils. However, research shows that it can have a big impact on health - it has been proven above all that:

  • has a strong anticancer effect
  • it lowers blood sugar
  • it has a positive effect on libido
  • has a stimulating effect on brain activity - has antiseptic properties

Cinnamon not only for dishes and cakes

Cinnamon oil is a natural remedy for many health problems. Used most often in aromatherapy, it inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, and additionally stimulates activity and improves mood. Its strong aroma perfectly cleans the sinuses, making it great for colds or infections. Interestingly, cinnamon oil dispersed in the air deters mosquitoes and insects.

Inhalations and warming baths in cinnamon oil

The oil used in this form is a strong weapon in the fight against respiratory infections, runny nose and rheumatic pains. In addition, it affects the condition of the skin - helps in the fight against persistent cellulite and excessive fat tissue.

Essential oil as a tonic for the brain and rescue for people suffering from diabetes

Regularly used cinnamon essential oil brings benefits for better brain function. It improves memory and also removes nervousness and tension.

What to watch out for using cinnamon oil

Cinnamon oil is not used orally due to its very strong healing properties. It should also not be applied directly to the skin, because it can irritate it - only low concentration, for example in dilution with the base oil, is completely safe.

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