CLOVE Essential Oil

Clove oil is most probably associated with a characteristic spicy odor. Used often in the flavoring of food and cosmetics, and additionally has the effect of:

- antiseptic and analgesic - astringent

- antibacterial

- stimulating

Clove oil as a way to toothache

This essential oil is often used in dentistry. It helps to relieve toothache and also cures the infection in the mouth. Regular rinsing with water with a few drops of clove oil helps eliminate caries and soothes irritation of the gums.

Antistress aromatherapy

Clove oil is most often sprayed in a diffuser or air humidifier. Used in this form helps reduce stress, reduce fatigue and helps to relax. In addition, it improves concentration and is a natural aphrodisiac. Sprayed in the air, the oil with a characteristic smell also helps scare off insects and parasites. Due to its antifungal activity it also prevents the formation of mildew.

Home support for beauty

Acne, skin with imperfections? Clove essential oil is ideal as an addition to natural tonics. Used in this way cleanses and refreshes the skin and disinfects it. In addition, it stimulates blood circulation, making the skin look fresh and radiant.


Clove oil has a very strong effect, even in small amounts. Therefore, it must be diluted, both before consumption and before application to the skin.

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