CITRONELLA Essential Oil Properties

Citronella essential oil - not only an ally in the fight against insects

The citronella essential oil is known primarily for the fact that it effectively repels insects and prevents bites. Few people know that it also has the following properties:

- because of the calming effect helps in the treatment of depression and apathy - relieves muscle, joint and headaches

- helps in the treatment of inflammatory skin joints - is a component of many cosmetics for oily and acne skin

An aroma that repels mosquitoes

Citronella oil is most easily used in a scented fireplace. You can also apply a few drops on clothing or, after dilution with cream or other oil, directly on the skin.

Bath or massage with citronella oil

The bath in citronella oil stimulates and refreshes, and its citrus scent adds energy. Just add a few drops to hot water to stimulate the body and strengthen immunity. Alternatively, a few drops added to the base oil will make the massage improve circulation, stimulate metabolism and relieve muscle tension.

Practical trick - add oil to the rinse aid

If you use washing nuts for laundry, you can easily give your clothes a fresh, citrus scent. Just add a few drops of citronella oil to the wash to enjoy a pleasant fragrance for a long time.


Citronella oil should not be used orally. Also be careful when using it as a massage oil - undiluted can cause burns.

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