EUCALYPTUS Essential Oil

This very popular and inexpensive oil has many uses both in medicine and cosmetics. Eucalyptus oil, above all:

- heals the skin
- has analgesic effect
- supports the respiratory system
- regulates the level of sugar in the blood
- cares for teeth

The salutary effect of eucalyptus oil on the respiratory system

Asthma, cold, throat diseases - these ailments are easier to fight with home-made eucalyptus essential oils. The oil removes inflammation and also kills fungi and viruses. To best take advantage of the advantages of eucalyptus, pour about 5 drops of oil into a bowl of hot water and then slowly inhale the vapors. Such inhalation will make you breathe much easier. The drop of oil can also be rubbed into the neck and chest. The oil used in this way expands the blood vessels, which will make it easier to take a breath.

A natural method for fresh breath

A few drops of eucalyptus oil added to a glass of warm water used as a mouthwash and throat can work real miracles. It also brings rescue in the case of cavity appearance - all you need to do is swab it with a cotton swab and apply it to the problem tooth, and the hole will quickly cleanse and decode.

Eucalyptus oil as a valuable ingredient in many cosmetics

A few drops of eucalyptus oil is perfect as an addition to natural anti-acne creams, mouth and tonic refreshing liquids. It perfectly nourishes the skin, soothes irritations and cleanses. It also brings relief after biting or stinging insects, further protecting the skin against the development of infections.


Eucalyptus oil should not be swallowed. It can cause disturbances of the body's functioning.

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